– DOMUS AUREA SHANGAI (Permanent exibition) http://italianpassion.amalart.it/

– AQS Quilt Week Daytona Beach, FL: (1-4 March)

– Parc des Expos de Reims (23-26 March)

– Abilmente Vicenza (23-26 March ) http://www.abilmente.org
– AQS Quilt Week Lancaster, PA: (29 March – 1 April) 

– Paducah Art School Gallery, Paducah, KY (April – May)

– Chieri – Eccentriche Trame (13 May-18 Jun)

– Basel art week (13-18 Jun)
– AQS Quilt Week Grand Rapids, MI: (16 – 19 Aug)
– Trame a corte Sala Baganza (PR) (9-20 Sept)

– EPM Alsace (14-17 Sept)

– AMACI 14 Oct- 

– Abilmente Vicenza (19-22 Oct)  
– Eurexpo (5-8 Oct)
– Parc Espositions Rennes (19-22 Oct)

– Grand Palais de Lille (26-29 Oct)

– Abilmente Rome ( 2-5 Nov)
– Grande Halle d’ Auvergne Clemont Ferrand (9-12 Nov)
– Parc des expositions Angers (23-26 Nov)

– SAN MARINO (RSM) DAMSS Textile fusions ( 3 Dic-7 Jan 2018)


– DOMUS AUREA SHANGAI (Permanent exibition) http://italianpassion.amalart.it/

– San Marino Republic (RSM) DAMSS Textile fusions( January  )

– Chateau de la Gobinière-Orvault (F) (11th Jan to 18th Feb)

– Manifacture Bohin-l’Aigle (F) ( 24th Feb to 15th Apr)

– New York (US) 1.0 Armory art weeks-Stricoff Gallery ( 5 th to 17 th March)

– International Biennial ArtTextile France (11th to14th Apr )

– Citadelle de Brouage (F) (21th Apr to 17th Jun)

– Tramanda Chieri (I) (May-June)

– Musée de la Tolle de Jouy (F) ( 23rd Jun- 2nd Sept)
–  5th Quilt Festival North Groningen, Netherlands  (8th to 10th June )
– Galerie Textil et Kunst, Munich, Germany (
June 29th to July 14th)

-Trame a corte Sala Baganza (PR) (8-22 Sept)

AMACI Giornata del contemporaneo 13 Oct. Milan (I)

–  Abilmente Vicenza (18-21 Oct)

– Houston (US) Tactile architecture ( 8-11 Nov)

-Festival Book object Milan (7 Nov- 7 Dec)


DAMSS is the name with which Daniela Arnoldi and Marco Sarzi-Sartori sign the exclusive works of Textile Art that they create as a pair, with an unmistakable style.

DAMSS use natural or manmade fabrics, yarns and fibres to create sculptures, pictures and installations, focusing on materials used and manual work, as an integral part of the final significance of the work.

The underlying theme of the works is the intrinsic value of the reuse and development of the medium connected to the strong technical textiles, maximum creativity and freedom of expression.

The creative action of DAMSS aims to use art to promote industrial textile recycling using new languages. The small-scale action of DAMSS wants to launch a reflection on sustainable use and re-use of large-scale industrial waste, not only in ecological terms, but also in economic and social ones.

The continuous updating and technical knowledge allow DAMSS laboratory to experiment with innovative and aesthetic impact in particular to the construction of three-dimensional textile work, fiberart installations.

Design is their strong point from reciprocal previous professional experiences and thanks to these, DAMSS can create large-sized works.

The recent production is oriented to the extreme manipulation of the fabrics.


–   Schottish society of architect artists  Stirling art gallery and museum Stirling  (UK) (catalogue)- 2009

–    Come arazzi….Museo WALSER Gressoney (Aosta)  (catalogue) – 2009

–    V&A London Virtual Quilt exibition 2010

–    Chiesa di S. Francesco – Como 2011

–    Triennale Design museum – Milano 2012

–    Biblioteca nazionale Braidense- Milano 2015